We manufacture professional
cleaning, disinfecting and washing products

Thanks to our in-house laboratory, extensive knowledge of our field and rich experience, we keep improving the formulas our products are made from,while introduce several new products to the market each year in order to answer the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our Business

We’re a recognized manufacturer of professional chemicals for the food industry, farming and breeding, restaurants and catering services as well as laundries. We’ve been delivering high-quality products to a large number of facilities in Poland and Europe for more than 20 years. Our customers place so much confidence in us thanks to the full and ever-growing assortment of products, well-proven technologies and expert knowledge of our employees.
In everything we do, we are driven by a clearly stated purpose:
“[...] to help our customers ensure the highest level of professional hygiene in the entire cleaning process”.


As the most of our comprehensive experience, supported by the trust our customers invariably place in us, revolves around the food industry hygiene, a large portion of our current assortment of products is targeted at the food processing facilities. The business strategy of DRACO is dominated by the policy of continuous strengthening of our market position through the introduction of innovative products and technologies developed with the most demanding customers in mind.
The products we deliver can be used in a wide diversity of fields, including the agricultural and food industry, professional cleaning services, catering services, car washes, laundries and carpet cleaning services, or even metallurgical facilities.
“[...] we will provide a product that perfectly corresponds with the advanced technologies you employ as well as your expectations”.


Our expert knowledge and many years' experience enables us to answer individual needs of our customers by offering them comprehensive solutions for keeping professional hygiene. The great price to value ratio, together with the professional after-sales support, has resulted in the dynamic growth of our company and allows us to expand our offer with new products every year.
We have a well-organized and extensive distribution network covering the entire country.


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