Human-friendly disinfection

Our customers often ask the following question to us: “What should we pick - en effective product for disinfection based on alcohol or on ammonium compounds? Both are effective, each of them has a different effect on micro-organisms, surface and man.

We work on the product which is completely neutral

in its effect on man and environment!

We have already developed the first laboratory versions of several products for cleaning and disinfection as well as just for disinfection of washable surfaces and skin of man. At the laboratory phase, we will investigate their impact on bacteria, fungi and viruses in pursuance of the European PN-EN standards and in reference to selected strains which are of greatest interest to us, as, for instance: Listeria monocytogenes or Escherichia Coli.

After obtaining positive results, the products will be patent pending, and when the Ministry of Health issues the relevant permit, they will be implemented into production and included in our offer..

According to our plan, the work is to be completed in February 2016