About us

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are a manufacturer of professional chemistry solutions from Poland. All our activities have a single goal:

“to help our customers in ensuring the highest level of professional HYGIENE in the whole production process”.

The history of our company goes back to the year 1998, when we manufactured the first cleaning and disinfection products for the agriculture and food industry.

The dynamic development and the trust of our customers lead us to the systematic expansion of our product range.

Our goal is to strengthen our market position by implementing new, highly innovative products for the most demanding clients.

We wish to be present wherever there is a need to use professional hygiene products.

Our company philosophy focuses on top quality products as an absolute hallmark for all our operations, which are based on our passion and pride in helping our Customers to guarantee the best possible level of maintained cleanness.

All our products are based on selected, high quality raw materials to ensure that lowest product concentrations still allow for maximum efficiency and minimum risk of environmental impact.

The company has an effective and extensive distribution network operating throughout the country.

Our Sales Representatives are available in all the regions of Poland.

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Mission statement

Our mission statement is derived from the many years of experience with collaborating with our customers, which resulted in a trust in our technological solutions and the quality of services provided.

Our mission is:

„to assist our customers in maintaining the highest level of professional HYGIENE throughout the entire cleaning process”.

Our strength comes from trust to our company and our employees, products and services. We strive to, with time, build a lasting trust for our company, by becoming a leading and trusted supplier of professional cleaning and disinfection products in Poland and abroad.

Quality oriented policy

Ensuring highest quality of our products and, at the same time, your trust and satisfaction whilst using them, is the basic goal of our company, we strive to realize this goal:

„to assist our customers in maintaining the highest level of professional HYGIENE throughout the entire cleaning process”.

All our products during the manufacturing process are subject to full testing prior to being sent to the final product warehouse. All manufacturing processes are monitored. We test our products for compliance with the standards and requirements of our clients. We constantly verify the quality of raw materials by our suppliers. Our highly qualified manufacturing department ensures constant level of product quality.

The quality in for our company is the quality expected by our customers.

Company profile

DRACO company was founded in1998, starting as the distributor of professional cleaning and disinfection products as well as disinfecting equipment. Our product selection accommodates a great variety of food and agriculture businesses, for example: dairy farmers, food processing companies, beverage manufacturing companies,  breweries, dairies, gardeners, farmers and breeders of livestock and poultry.

The major part of our product range is aimed at milk processing companies, throughout the years of our company operation, we gained lots of experience as well as the trust of our customers.

What is of particular importance in the development strategy of DRACO is the policy oriented towards permanent expansion of the assortment of new products, improvement of the production capacities, adaptation of the products to the needs and wishes of our customers and pro-ecological activities.

We pay a lot of attention to the information technology issues, our goal is to assist our clients as much as possible, by creating an extensive company website, which shall contain all the necessary reference materials available for download: up-to-date material safety data sheets, information brochures, certifications and permits as well as all other documents required for safe application of our products.

The company policies for the following years focuses on further expansion of strategic areas of operation, enhancing our market position and ensuring perfect customer service.

Our product offer is directed to:

  • Hygiene in food industry
  • Institutional hygiene
  • Hygiene in laundering
  • Hygiene in gastronomy
  • Hygiene in farming and breeding
  • Professional car care products


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